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Movie Fx Editor


Movie FX Photo EditorChange your photos theme totally by applying these Movie FX Photo Editor. This is the best FX effect photo editor tool. Enter in a whole new movie world with FX/VFX effects in high quality. Being a part of a famous movie with such different and unique effects. This is a very unique and interesting photo editor in store. It helps you to bring some action in your boring old pictures.
- Make an animation of your pictures and apply camera effects;- Add photo stickers with sci-fi elements and horror elements;- Add UFO, aliens, zombies, dinosaurs, machines, dragons, robots;- Attach to your pics best collection of funny stickers;- Take a snap or a selfie with your camera pro and add immediately super movie scenes;- Make a photo montage and add to your face hole your favorite movie character or superhero;- Make your pictures look realistic by applying live scenes and tons of special effects;- Add face stickers like glasses, masks, goggles or cool scars;- Selects from UFOs, Clouds, Helicopters, Fire, Asteroid, Alien, Dinosaur and more - Give your photo an adventure movie effect background touch- Just capture a photo using device camera or select from gallery- Apply FX/VFX/SFX movie effects to photo and change background totally- Save photo and share with your friends and family